Things to Come

I started this blog in order to get my name out there and become a more active member of the writing/fantasy community. When I started this it was very much a, learn as I go process. And even though I’ve only been writing on here for a little more than a week or two, already my ideas are expanding beyond what I had dreamt was feasible.

Ideally, I’d like this to grow into a place people can come and learn more about me and my writing and my view on topics relating to the writing and fantasy genre as a whole. Why should you, or anyone else for that matter even care?

Frankly, I don’t know. What I do know is that when I was just beginning to investigate and learn more about the community I wish I had a place such as this to go to learn more about the things I loved.

In that time some amazing blogs/forums/websites have cropped up. Fantasy Faction being one of the foremost and inspiring of them all, and still one I visit regularly. However, through my writing, I hope more people will want to learn about the man behind the words and from there I will making a series of posts about my thoughts and reasonings.

Without further ado, the things to come:


I consume a lot of media. Being a Media Study student throughout college, I’ve come to appreciate the impact varying mediums of entertainment have on a person and their mindset. To that end, this space is going to be a place where I can voice my thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Books (Fantasy mostly)
  • T.V Shows
  • Comic Books

There is no guarantee that I will be covering each and every aspect of every one of these. Writing is still, and will always be, my focus. However, for those of you on the edge about whether or not to check in with some book or new movie, maybe my words will be able to sway you one way or the other.

*Soon to Come*

Dresden Files – I recently read through all of the current Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher and will be posting my thoughts soon.

Tome of the Undergates by Sam Sykes – I’ve been a follower of this author since I first joined twitter and his hilarious and unconventional posts had me dying to read his debut books. I finally took the dive and read though the first and will be posting my thoughts.

King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence – This new release arrived on my doorstep two days ago and I am already drawn deeply into the riveting and audacious mind of King Jorg.

Original Epic Trilogy

My first real project focuses around an original trilogy of books that encompass the “Epic Fantasy” sub-genre. My worlbuilding alone has left me with pages upon pages of ideas and material. Here, I plan to start writing articles on my writing process and updates for any and all who might be interested. As the ball gets rolling on my writing and I get into a more firm rhythm, I hope this will be the backbone of my blog.

Short Stories

I have two short stories I am currently working on, “Forgotten Folk” and “Taming the Wild.” Independent of each other they both are a far departure from my comfort zone in large, sweeping books. This space is intended for two main things

  1. Updates on each of my short stories. Where I am in the process, what’s left to be done, synopsis, and more.
  2. A place to put my short stories. FOR FREE.

While I am still toying around with the self-publishing idea and world, I’ve realized some of my work just isn’t long enough to justify forcing people to pay to read. For that reason, I’ve decided to post either an excerpt, or the whole thing, right here for everyone to read at their leisure.

*Stay tuned, as the first addition to this space will be appearing soon.*


There is a lot to consider when one is thinking about the writing world. Literally dozens upon dozens of potential articles can be written concerning different aspects of a writer’s routine, environment, thinking, and background. It is here that I plan to take my thoughts and musings on the writer’s life and organize them into cohesive articles for everyone to enjoy.

This is another section that I have high hopes for but may be relegated to a smaller overall scheme as I focus on my actual writing and important posts considered there.


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