Black Halo by Sam Sykes – Review

Black Halo by Sam Sykes

The second book in Sam Sykes, Aeons Gate trilogy has us picking up right where the first left off. Black Halo goes more in depth with each of our characters personalities and the driving factors in each of their lives. It is a story about this band of adventurers who, despite every reason not to be, keep reuniting and working together. It is a story about an ever growing threat as the Kraken Queen is set to be released from her prison, with only six adventurers to stop her.

Black Halo manages to take the established from Tome and expand on it enough for me to be satisfied with the development while leaving more questions to be answered during the third and final book, The Skybound Sea. Lenk, Gariath, Kataria and crew are each given ample page time to explore their pasts and motivations and really grow as characters. The passages with Gariath in particular caught my eye and my understanding and sympathy grew for the dragonman with each word as I came to realize exactly why he has such a profound wish to die.

The Netherlings are given more screen time and take the place of the demons as the main threat throughout this book and I couldn’t be more pleased. An entire race so focused on death and conquering has me so intrigued and each time these purple-skinned warriors made an appearance I was ready for a battle that would suck me in.

We are also introduced to the Librarians of the Venarium through Bralston. The Librarians act as a sort of internal affairs for the Wizards and as such have the power to do as they please with the full backing of the Venarium. Bralston’s sections were equally intriguing as our own resident wizard, Dreadaeleon, has given us a somewhat skewed vision of what it means to be a wizard. Bralston is a by the books, no nonsense wielder of immense power that truly has a heart of gold.

We are left with the ever increasing pressure of the demons to release their Goddess, Ulbecetonth as well as an invasion by the Netherlings into the world. Skybound Sea, the conclusion to this trilogy by Sam Sykes is out now, and I for one will be making my way to the bookshop to snag my copy before long. I suggest you do the same.

Tome of the Undergates on Amazon

Sam Sykes Author Site

Sam Sykes Twitter



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