Peter Capaldi – Our New Doctor WHO

It’s the news everyone has been waiting for ever since the announcement Matt Smith was leaving the role of the Doctor behind.

Our new Doctor, the Time Lord who will step out of the TARDIS and into our hearts is none other than Peter Capaldi.


My initial reaction was honestly disappointment. Like many others, I was hoping, perhaps vainly, for a female Doctor. I would love to see what that would do narratively for the show and think it would open an entire universe of possibilities for story ideas and perhaps more importantly character development.

That being said, I think Peter Capaldi is an interesting choice and could potentially be a catalyst for a small amount of that character/narrative growth I had hoped for.

The chance for an older Doctor is an idea that is relatively new to audiences of the rebooted Doctor WHO. Instead, we’ve had actors such as David Tennant and Matt Smith, who I adore, but bring a character that has a boyish charm, acting the role of a goofy adolescent rather than the 1,100-year-old Time Lord that’s survived the genocide of his own people and countless wars throughout time and space.

Especially considering the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special airing on November 23, 2013 which features the as of yet mysterious regeneration of John Hurt as the Doctor. I, as well as many other fans, believe this will be the incarnation that fought in the Last Great Time War against the Daleks and made the ultimate decision to kill his entire race, making the Doctor the last of his kind. This special, which hopefully will delve into the mysteries of the Time War, will set the stage for a darker, more burdened Doctor that has the greatest potential to be fascinating to watch.


As with any of our new Time Lords, I’m hesitant about a new actor stepping in to the TARDIS. First I thought no one could do better than Christopher Eccleston, then I was so sure David Tennant would always be my Doctor, and now I love the boyish-charm of Matt Smith. But for the first time, I’m hopeful and excited for the new Doctor – Peter Capaldi – and what he can bring to all of time and space.



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