Republic of Thieves – First 50 Pages for Free!

Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch
~ First 50 Pages ~

The Republic of Thieves updated

The countdown clock is slowing clicking down to Tuesday, October 8. The day Scott Lynch’s Republic of Thieves is released and we get our fix for Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen.

But maybe you can’t wait the few days more until your pre-order comes to your doorstep or you can walk out of your local bookstore with your hardcover in hand. Maybe your like me and eager to devour any new bit of a much anticipated book.  Well, you don’t have to worry about that any longer.

Suvudu has a feature every Friday called, you guessed it, 50 Page Fridays, in which they post the first pages of upcoming Del Ray Spectra novels. On 9/27 their feature was Republic of Thieves and they included this from Lynch’s editor:

I have said before that a good editor, like a good mom, tries not to play favorites. But sometimes you just can’t help it. Twice in my career, the same thing has happened to me—albeit with two different authors. Because twice I have received the first 100 or so pages of as-yet-uncompleted epic fantasy novels on submission, and twice I have felt that special shiver of gut-deep excitement and sheer acquisitiveness that said: This is something TRULY special. I must own this, and edit this. Like…NOW!

The first time I felt that was when I was given the first few chapters of a what would one day grow into A Game of Thrones. And the second time? Well, that was when I first encountered Scott Lynch. As with George Martin, I fell instantly in love with Scott’s words and Scott’s world, and then suffered (in not-quite silence) for the next year before I could finally discover What Happened Next!

The Lies of Locke Lamora is, to my mind, one of the world’s almost perfect books. It is epic, dramatic—almost operatic in its sense of glory and tragedy—and yet laugh aloud funny when it is not making you weep. The characters and the world are as memorable as any you will ever see on paper, and the concept alone—that of con men operating in a fantasy world that has never really encountered the art of the con—is sheer brilliance.

If you have not discovered Scott before, then I envy you the first taste! I hope it is as magical for you as it was for me. And if you are already a devotee of the world, then here is a chance to remind yourself again of what you love so much about it. And fear not! The third book in the series, The Republic of Thieves, is on sale in less than two weeks, and is every bit as amazing as its predecessors!

I’ve already posted my thoughts about the book the other day. Lynch does a phenomenal job of broadening his world and information while the curtain is finally pulled back on our long awaited love-interest for Locke, Sabetha. New mysteries are discovered and some questions we’ve had from the beginning are answered. Order your copy of Republic of Thieves before Thorn of Emberlain is released and you’re even further behind in the Gentleman Bastard Sequence.

Here’s your link to scribd to check out the first 50 pages of Republic of Thieves for free.


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