The bards of yesteryear wandered through the land spreading song, poems, and news to the masses. Like our namesakes before us, The Roaming Bard is a place devoted to the fantasy-genre; it is a place where information, be it book or movie reviews, interviews, television recaps, will be delivered to those looking to listen and looking to share.

When I started this website it was a place for me to share what I loved most about this genre. Since that time it has grown beyond expectation. Whether it be interviews with New York Times Bestselling Author Brandon Sanderson or A.R.C books reviews for Peter V. Brett’s latest in his Demon Cycle books, the website has truly become a place to fulfill all your fantasy genre needs.
So take a seat and listen well as the Roaming Bard spins a tale.
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The Roaming Bard is a stop for fans of the fantasy genre to come and get information they need. And to that end we’re looking for talented, dedicated writers that want to contribute to the site. Is there a book that you love? A movie that caught your eye? Or maybe you have insightful tips on writing in general?  The fantasy community is a small one but it’s also a very close one and we want to help your voice be heard in that community. Drop me an email using the form below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can!
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7 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s great that you’ve finished the first draft. Have you completed a draft of just the first novel, or the whole trilogy? I look forward to hearing how you progress getting it published 🙂


    • I’ve finished the first draft of the first novel. While my alpha readers do a look over that I’ve nearly completed a detailed outline for book 2. Book 3 is still very much a disjointed blob in my head but I know the general flow and how it all ends.
      My whole journey to publishing was a factor in my starting this blog and hopefully my treks to the publishing world can help inspire others in the future who hope to follow my path.

      • I’m sure it definitely will! Is your first book set to be published then?

        I know what you mean about disjointed blobs.. but they always solidify when you stare at them long enough 🙂

      • Not yet. Seeing as the first book is only on its first draft I know I still have a ways to go. But the whole journey of finding an agent and shopping the book is a phenomenon I don’t think has been documented enough.

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